With all this glorious weather I have been planning a host of days out and fun things to do in the garden.

As soon as the sun’s out it is kids out as far I am concerned. There are only so many times you can watch Postman Pat or drive toy cars around a rug, so as soon as the sun shines it is the chance to get out and about.

But where as I am happy to throw myself at the nearest wooded walk or visit a farm or hit the park, Ben is not so keen. He seems happy enough to go along with the idea but 20 minutes later his little legs are buckling and his Thomas sandals are dragging along the floor. Despite my attempts to coax him along, carrying is not an option now I am ‘with child’, he often just sits down on the pavement or trips over his weary toes and lands in a heap on the tarmac.

It is a sorry sight. Lately the weather has been so hot I can’t really blame him, what I wouldn’t give for a cold beer or three as we drag ourselves to the swings and slides.

I then get a bit ratty because the prospect of a beer is approximately three months away, not his fault of course, but even so a woman has needs! It does turn into a bit of a trek after that, rather than the fun outing I had envisaged.

Not even the prospect of an ice cream will motivate him enough to stop the trip to the end of the road becoming a marathon effort.

Quite often members of the public are greeted with the sight of a dishevelled mother muttering something about ‘why do I bother’ and a whimpering child muttering ‘I don’t know why she bothers’.

After a couple of days trying to make it into the great outdoors we settled for a trip to the library, rented a new Postman Pat CD and settled down in front of the TV, two happy little bunnies!