THE FUTURE of an award - winning Hampshire dental surgery is under threat as a four-year battle over their business signs rages on.

Dentist Clare Chavasse says her successful business, Titchfield Dental Health, is being strangled by regulations that have blocked all attempts to put up signs directing patients to her practice.

Every effort by Dr Chavasse to erect new surgery signs facing Southampton Road have been refused by planning officers at Fareham Borough Council and highways chiefs at Hampshire County Council.

Even a small sign outside the front of the practice, which has been there since they opened more than four years ago, has been ordered down by highways chiefs for being on their land.

Dr Chavasse, who has built the practice from starting in a caravan in Titchfield 17 years ago, said: “It’s very frustrating. I would understand if all the other signs in the area were taken down, but we are surrounded by warehouse stores and office buildings, which have a number of signs, yet we seem to be the only ones being victimised.

I have spent years working hard to build my business and these silly rules and regulations that seem to have no foundation are threatening it’s future.”

Fareham Borough Council said they have advised Dr Chavasse that it is unlikely signage on the main Southampton Road would be supported as they would be out of keeping with the area, but are in negotiations with her about a revised location.

Hampshire County Council Executive Member for Environment Mel Kendal, said: “In no way is this dental practice being singled out on this matter.

“The county council has a duty to remind businesses not to place their advertising on the public highway and it is not unusual for businesses to be asked to remove such advertising for this reason.”