So I trapped a nerve in my back meaning that I didn’t finish the JOGLE ride but I got lots out of the experience to take things forward for next year. I also managed to have a chat with Greg Whyte the man who trained and got ready David Walliams when he swum across the channel. Greg gave me some key advice in moving forward and motivating myself for my challenges.

So we face Cowes week. One of the biggest festivals of sailing and the perfect launching platform for getting myself going again. One of the biggest challenges is being able to effectively record the experience. I have the tools now to help bring my blogging alive to help others.

Three years ago at the end of Cowes week I thought I had the world at my feet when the arrival of my Mum’s cancer crushed my hopes. Now I have the perfect opportunity to recapture that feeling. I go into Cowes week a very happy made up man. Last Friday I asked Emma to marry me and she said yes thankfully phew! Now to grind out a thousand miles over nine days!