SAINTS fans are already trying to find the best way to remember Markus Liebherr.

By saving the club from a possible liqudation, many feel he has already secured his status as a Southampton FC legend – despite only being owner for 13 months.

The most common suggestions last night were to erect a statue to him or name one of the stands at St Mary’s after him.

One fan even suggested renaming the stadium in honour of Liebherr.

The club has immortalised a handful of former players by naming suites in the new stadium after them, such as Matt Le Tissier, Mick Channon and Bobby Stokes.

The man known as Mr Southampton, Ted Bates, is immortalised in bronze at the front of the Itchen Stand after more than 60 years at club as player, manager and eventually president.

The £100,000 statue was originally paid for by a collection by fans, that was then matched by the club.

Such is the feeling amongst fans towards Liebherr that an honour such as the one bestowed on Bates is considered the only fitting way to pay tribute.