Ok since I last checked things have changed a little.

Twelve years ago I was given advice that because my brother had the genetic genes that caused haemachromatosis that I would have to get tested too. I was advised that I had both the genes that caused the problem and embarked on twelve years of blood tests to keep monitoring it.

Fast forward to 2010 and I’m informed that I only have one gene and all those tests were unnecessary. Stunned is one word that comes to mind.

It is great to have that weight off your shoulders but to have it on in the first place can make you a little miffed. A chance thought to move onwards and upwards, its nice just to have the problems caused by my form of cerebal palsy to deal with thanks.

So I will still fund raise in memory of mum, dad and brother.

Whilst I will continue with my pedalling challenge I continue seek other challenges. What better way to start this new period in my life than to test myself with the Chicago marathon.

This particular marathon first caught my eye in 2003 when I watched Paula Radcliffe break the world record out there. Now the name Chicago what does it make you think of? Gangsters, Basketball or American football? The marathon is one of five major marathons which I intend to complete in between now and next September.

I also have a new blogging aid which will help bring my accounts on the ferry and challenges like Chicago alive. Watch this space….