The organisation that manages most the New Forest could be axed under government spending cuts.

The Forestry Commission is among 280 publicly funded bodies that could disappear in a drive to cut the number of quangos and save up to £60bn.

The commission is responsible for 145 square miles of woods and heathland, plus path, cycle tracks and 134 rural car parks.

It employs 100 people in the Forest and neighbouring areas and has a budget of £6.8m in the current financial year - but earns less than half that amount.

Most of its income is derived from timber sales and facilities such as the Moors Valley Country Park near Ringwood.

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If the organisation is axed the Government will either privatise the service or transfer the workload to the Department for Food and Rural Affairs.

Ministers have already agreed to scrap 180 quangos and are debating the future of 100 others - including the commission.

Deputy Surveyor Mike Seddon, the organisation's most officer in the Forest, said he was not surprised that the commission was under scrutiny.

"I am aware that we are under review but we are no different from any other part of government. We're not in the top list of bodies to go and we're not in the safe half," he said.