A DOG, which savaged two puppies in the street, leaving one fighting for his life, has been spared a trip to death row.

Dela, a Staffordshire bull terrier/pitbull cross, bit into the tail of a 12-weekold Bichon Frise on a walk.

Minutes later, the six-year-old was again off her lead when she ran up to another puppy, a Lhaso Apso, growling and with her teeth bared.

Prosecutor Michael Williams told Southampton Crown Court that Dela attacked her victim being taken for a walk by a woman in her 70s.

He said: “It got him by the throat and shook him violently. The attack was so ferocious schoolchildren stood nearby described seeing a lot of blood and the puppy appearing lifeless.”

The owner, Victoria Bedden, pictured right, had to wrestle Dela away, injuring her hand as she pulled them apart.

The two dogs were taken to a vet for treatment. The first dog, Pippin, suffered a small bite to her tail but the second, Oscar, received life-threatening injuries and the vet described his survival as “very lucky”.

When police stopped Bedden she admitted that her dog had been involved in both incidents in Chandler’s Ford.

The vet’s bill amounted to £340 and keeping Dela at kennels came to more than £4,000, said Mr Williams.

Bedden, 36, of Meon Crescent, Chandler’s Ford, admitting having a dog dangerously out of control.

Judge Jayne Miller QC rejected an application to have the dog destroyed and ordered Dela to be muzzled and put on a short lead when in public. Bedden was placed on supervision for six months and given a three-month curfew order.

The judge told Bedden: “If she is let off the lead again and causes injury to another dog, she will be destroyed.”