SHE is the high-profile TV star who threw her support behind a campaign against supermarket chain Sainsbury’s coming to the Hampshire village where she grew up.

But just months later Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has signed a lucrative advertising deal with rival supermarket giant Tesco.

Now traders in the village have accused the star of turning her back on their fight for survival against the superstore.

Last night the actress defended the new deal, telling the Daily Echo she is “surprised and saddened” by the criticisms.

The 39-year-old star appears in adverts for its Christmas TV campaign for an undisclosed fee.

Now independent shop owners in Bishop’s Waltham have spoken out about their disappointment in the actress.

One shopworker asked how the star could endorse Tesco but still claim to fight for the livelihoods of independent businesses.

Less than five months ago the celeb clutched an “I love Bishop’s Waltham” bag and vented her anger in front of hundreds of fans at the carnival, vowing to help stop the store being built.

The former Swanmore pupil began discussions with campaigners and told the Daily Echo at the time: “We have nice little village shops here and it is these people’s businesses that will suffer if this supermarket is allowed to be built.”

A 4,500-strong petition and 2,000 letters of objection for the development on the historic Abbey Mill site have been sent to Winchester City Council.

Planning chiefs are still deciding whether to allow the supermarket permission after Bishop’s Waltham Parish Council voted for an overall objection to the proposals.

Chris Blandford, who runs Stainers Bakery, said: “I am very disappointed in Amanda because it is double standards – either she realises what supermarkets are doing to the country or she doesn’t.”