TOP Hampshire MP Chris Huhne found himself at the centre of a political storm over today’s controversial student tuition fees vote.

Government chiefs made an 11th hour decision last night not to fly the Energy Secretary back from the United Nations Climate Change talks in Mexico.

They had planned to fly the Eastleigh MP back to Westminster to add his support to the Coalition plans to hike university tuition fees.

But in his home constituency Mr Huhne was facing a revolt from local Lib Dems over his backing for the Government’s plans to allow universities to charge up to £9,000 a year in fees from 2012.

As many as 21 local Eastleigh councillors have written to the MP calling on him to honour his pledge not to support the move.

One councillor has threatened to quit the party while another said Mr Huhne may now face calls to be deselected as the borough’s MP.