THEY are viewed by many as eyesores littering our streets.

Since wheelie bins made their debut, they have not been winning admirers.

But now plans are afoot to transform Southampton’s 150,000-strong bin battalion into individual works of art.

Already 100 pimped up wheelie bins are taking pride of place in the community after workshops invited people to tart up their own.

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The idea, piloted by Southampton City Council, seeks to foster love for our wheelies.

Councillor Matthew Dean, Cabinet member for the environment and transport, said: “We’re always open to new ideas on how to improve the look of neighbourhoods.

“So this project is looking at the positive impact that tastefully painted wheelie bins could have on an area.”

In the first scheme of its kind in the country, neighbourhoods would be invited to paint their green bins at workshops.

An artist would help develop a design and help residents apply their design with durable paint.

The scheme’s cost has not been worked out although the council says it would be “thousands” instead of tens of thousands.

A decision on whether to roll the project out across the city will be made this summer after gauging opinion – although feedback so far has been positive.

Cllr Dean said: “People often complain that wheelie bins are an eyesore for residents.

“Painted bins can look good as long as they are carefully co-ordinated in streets.

“For example they could be camouflaged to blend into their surroundings.”