SOME might say it’s a rubbish idea.

But heaps of artful Daily Echo readers think it’s a bright idea.

Plans are afoot to transform Southampton’s 150,000- strong wheelie bin collection into individual works of art.

The idea, piloted by Southampton City Council, seeks to foster love for our bins.

Already 100 pimped up bins are taking pride of place in the community after workshops invited people to tart up their own.

We asked Daily Echo readers to come up with their own wheelie bin ideas.

Since launching our competition to decorate your wheelie, entries have been piling in from across the age ranges.

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Ideas include mocking up the bins as a Doctor Who Tardis or depicting night time scenes with scurrying urban foxes.

Others like Carys James, 12, from Harefield, sees her bin being transformed into a “rubbish eating machine”

while Olivia Costello, 11, from North Baddesley has designed hers with a mouth gobbling up rubbish.

Betty Robinson, 85, from Shirley thinks her bin would look magic with her mushroom design.

Christine Adams, 66, believes that you should “love your wheelie” with a red heart decoration.

However, Peter Spindloe, 51, from Golden Grove, thinks that the bins should have “biohazard” emblazed across them.

He has written across the front: “Empty once or week or more often to avoid typhoid, cholera, diphtheria, rats, cockroaches, mice, urban foxes, seagulls, starlings, pigeons, and related faeces – Protective clothing to be worn.”

Under the council plans, to be discussed in the summer, an artist would be employed to help people dream up designs and even introduce themes to each of the city’s neighbourhoods.

Enter the competition

It’s not too late to enter our competition. You can download a wheelie bin to colour in and send it to Patrick Knox, Daily Echo, Test Lane, Redbridge, Southampton, SO16 9JX.