TWO angry councillors have defected from the Lib Dems.

The politicians have decided to become independents after growing disenchanted with the alliance nationally with the Conservatives.

Hedge End town councillors Keith Day and Jenny Schwausch said they had no complaints about the Lib Dems locally but objected to the national situation, including the vote on tuition fees.

The pair said they were unhappy their party had climbed into bed with the Tories.

Dad-of-one Cllr Day, said: “I felt the Lib Dems have been losing left wing supporters.

“They are picking up more right wing followers now they are in the coalition and I think they will look at a move to the right to appease these new supporters.

“If that is the case I couldn’t see myself staying so I felt it was more honest to leave now.

“I understand the need to compromise but I feel they have broken their promise over tuition fees and the ‘no more broken promises’ promise.”

The IT project manager from Hedge End said many people in his ward were unhappy and felt MP and now cabinet minister Chris Huhne had painted himself as the only credible alternative to the Tories in Eastleigh.

Mum-of-four Cllr Schwausch, said: “For me it was a matter of conscience, I felt the Lib Dems had betrayed tactical voters and courted the youth vote very assiduously only to throw it back in their face with tuition fees.”

The pair are currently deciding whether or not to restand as independents. This followed a crossing of the floor at borough level that saw Glynn Davies-Dear, Andy Moore and Dave Broughton leave the ruling party to form the Independent Party of Eastleigh Councillors.