CATHEDRAL singers from Lithuania will be making a return visit to a Hampshire church to help people with disabilities through music.

The Giesme choir from the RC Kaunas Cathedral, Lithuania, will be at Romsey Abbey on Thursday April 7 to raise funds for Key Changes Music Therapy.

The choir, with 35 members aged 15 to 25, sings each Sunday in the cathedral.

The first part of their programme will include sacred music from Gregorian chant up to the present day, including works by Samuel Barber, Carpani, Gabriel Fauré, Gabriel Jackson, William McKie, John Rutter and the contemporary Lithuanian composer, Vytautas Miskinis.

In the second part they will sing mostly Lithuanian folk songs, with dance, accompanied by the Kankles, a Lithuanian folk instrument rather like a large zither, and an international prizewinning young flautist.

Key Changes Music Therapy uses music in the care of people of all ages who have sensory, physical, learning or neurological disabilities, or emotional or behavioural problems.

It is designed to help people cope better with their lives and through music facilitate physical, mental, social and emotional development. For details visit