All set for Friday’s street party – this unique royal wedding dalek can even serve up a tray full of drinks and sandwiches.

A Doctor Who fan spent a week transforming the metal meanie into this wacky creation, painted in red, white and blue and festooned with flags. Chris Balcombe, from Dibden Purlieu, decorated the dalek with union jacks, photos of the couple, and bunting. A picture of Wills and Kate has pride of place between the ray gun and plunger arms.

And in place of the familiar black plunger, Chris created a mechanical grip to allow the dalek to carry with drinks and sandwiches.

Chris, 51, a collector of sci-fi props, said: “It’s not everyday we get a royal wedding, so it was well worth the effort.” He is keeping the location of where his dalek will appear a secret, as residents want to avoid gate crashers.