Unit, Bustagroove Urban Dance Company from Southampton, will perform their 'Symbols of hope'routine at the Dance For Life heats, at The Point, tomorrow evening.

This piece is about barriers built amongst people through prejudice of religion, race, age, and gender. These prejudices create war, anger, abuse, fear and division amongst one another. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The British Red cross fundamental principles are based on Impartiality and Unity, these principles help build relations, heal victims in war stricken areas and give hope to survivors We have based our dance on The Red British red cross symbols: The Red Cross, The Red Crescent and the Red Crystal, these are signs of impartiality, help & hope.

If we could all live life by these symbols, the world would be a much safer place to live in.

In 2010 the British Red Cross has responded to disasters including the earthquake in Haiti and the floods in Pakistan thanks to the help of money raised through Dance for Life. It’s also been hard at work closer to home – for example, teaching first aid and helping people get back on their feet after a stay in hospital. Funds raised through Dance for Life help the British Red Cross to continue its work across the world and here in the UK.