A 78-year-old cyclist chased after a thief when he stole her handbag The pensioner was riding along a road when a man passed her on another bike and lifted the bag out of her handlebar basket.

She shouted loudly and tried to follow the suspect, who was around 50 years younger, but he managed to get away after a short chase along Stoke Road in Gosport.

PC Alison Smith said: "We are looking for witnesses that may be able to assist with identifying the man responsible. No force was used, and this appears to be an opportunistic crime. It was committed in daylight hours when other people may have witnessed the offence, or may have seen the offender prior to the incident.

"The crime itself was very quick, and may have gone unnoticed as he would have looked like a faster cyclist overtaking another. However, the victim has shouted loudly and repeatedly, and it is hoped that members of the public will come forward.

"To prevent incidents of a similar nature, personal possessions should always be hidden from view."

The suspect, who was white and aged between 24 and 35, managed to escape down either Peel Road or Avenue after the incident, on June 11 at 11.15am.

Anyone with information should contact Gosport police station on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.