A LONG-SERVING Hampshire councillor has defected to the Green Party – after 25 years as a Liberal Democrat.

Alan Weeks switched after voters told him they were “angry about the way they have been let down” by the national Lib Dem party.

The 52-year-old, who represents Totton North on Hampshire County Council, said MPs had broken “personal pledges” over the controversial tuition fees issue.

He becomes the first Lib Dem on the council to defect since the General Election last year and will now sit as the only Green Party member at the Tory-led authority.

The dad-of-three said: “When I was campaigning, local voters made it clear to me that they were angry about the way they have been let down by the national Lib Dem party.

“What they were saying was right. I have been a Lib Dem – and Liberal before that – for about 25 years and it is not me that has changed it is the values of the national Liberal Democrats that have changed. For example, on the tuition fees issue, it was untrustworthy for MPs to break personal pledges that they had made.”

Cllr Weeks said his electric Nissan Leaf car – powered by solar panels on the roof of his house – was proof of his green credentials.

He said he had received private support from fellow Lib Dems on the council and that it had been a “tough decision”.

He lost his seat on New Forest District Council in the May elections but is still a member of Totton and Eling Town Council.

“My heart has to be in what I do and I could no longer support the direction taken by the Lib Dem leaders,” he added.

His decision comes after a crossing of the floor at Eastleigh Borough Council that saw Glynn Davies-Dear, Andy Moore and Dave Broughton leave the ruling party to form the Independent Party of Eastleigh Councillors.

Keith House, Lib Dem group leader at the county council, said: “I’m sad Alan has decided to jump ship.

“I understand his disappointment at losing his New Forest District Council seat in May and this is no doubt the real issue here. We have the greenest government ever so this is an odd decision.

Alan will find being a lone voice on the council a challenge and will find that those who join minority parties are rarely able to hold their seats.”