PLANS to finance the Rose Bowl's controversial hotel complex with millions of pounds of public money will be put to a vote again, it can be revealed.

Eastleigh Borough Council approved proposals in September 2009 to loan Hampshire's cricket ground £32m so a 175-bedroom Hilton hotel and media centre could be built at the site.

But the development has been beset with delays, including a legal challenge launched by three local hoteliers who called for an investigation into whether taxpayers' money should be used to fund the project.

A top London judge threw out their initial request for a judicial review - but the consortium then launched an appeal, which was eventually dropped last summer after talks with Eastleigh Borough Council.

The council now says that given the length of time since the funding package was originally agreed, it will be put to another vote of full council - expected to be before the end of the year.

It was originally hoped that the hotel would be built in time for the first ever England Test match held at the West End ground this summer against Sri Lanka, as part of a £48m project to transform the Rose Bowl into a venue suitable for international cricket.