HEAD teachers in Hampshire will no longer be able to wash their hands of the troublesome students they have expelled.

New measures would mean heads will be responsible for youngsters’ education even after they have been expelled – with exam results and truancy figures counting against the previous school’s record.

Schools Minister Nick Gibb has unveiled the proposals, to be piloted ahead of a possible roll out across the country.

The changes could affect schools’ league table performances as students sit their GCSEs up to four years after being expelled.

Ministers say too many youngsters are condemned to a future of failure when they are sent to the likes of Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) under the care of local authorities.

The Department for Education pointed to figures showing less than two of 174 16-year-olds in “alternative provision” in Hampshire, and the same low number in Southampton secured five good GCSE results, including English and Maths, according to the latest figures.