A NEW campaign is being launched in Hampshire to help prevent workers falling from a dangerous height.

Test Valley Borough Council has launched the Falls From Height campaign to make people in Romsey and the surrounding areas more aware of how serious injuries can be for workers who suffer a fall.

The workplace accident accounts for more than 53 deaths and 4,000 major injuries each year in the UK and the majority of accidents are preventable.

The campaign is part of Test Valley's new approach to health and safety, where targeted inspections combined with free business seminars are carried out according to evidence-based risk assessments.

The launch of the campaign coincided with the new Fit 3 initiative, a national campaign involving local authorities and the Health and Safety Executive, which aims to reduce the number of working days lost due to injury and ill health in the workplace More than 40 local companies attended a seminar, which highlighted high-risk jobs and recommended measures to help protect employees from taking risks.