TWO young brothers suffering from a rare life-threatening disease will take part in a sponsored walk to help other families with the genetic condition.

Nathan and Daniel Hartley are two of four siblings from Romsey who were diagnosed with x-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome - XLP - three years ago.

Both Nathan, 12 and Daniel, 10, have successfully received a bone marrow transplant and are joining the Walk the Test Way to celebrate the success of the procedure and raise money for the XLP Research Trust - a charity which was set up by their parents last year.

Without a bone marrow transplant, sufferers of XLP are unlikely to reach their teens. Following a huge donor drive all four of the brothers, including Joshua, 14 and Luke, 6, have found suitable donors.

Nathan and Daniel will raise cash for the charity, which supports other families who are going through the condition and to fund medical research to find other possible cures.

Nathan said: "It sounds like fun and I hope to raise £500."

"It should help lots of other boys and my Dad promised to walk with me," Daniel added.

The walk, organised by Romsey and Test Rotary Club, takes place on October 8.

To join the walk, register online at www.walkthetestway. or call David Sutton on 01794 502817.