In 1912, Canute Chambers was the location of the White Star Line's Southampton Office.

It was here that crowds flocked upon hearing the news of the sinking of Titanic.

In the days following the disaster, hundreds of Sotonians waited as blackboards were erected with names of the survivors of the tragedy.

Members of staff in the offices worked more than 36 hours straight as they tried to get the news out to the waiting masses.

Occasionally, there would be a stir as more news would come about someone who had been rescued.

The Daily Echo at the time reported on the 'pathetic scenes' outside the offices as the huddled throngs held late night vigils as they waited for news.

As time wore on, it was only the infrequent corrections that loved ones could hope would bring news of a friend, relative or darling.

Today, Canute Chambers is still used as an office though it no longer has any links to any shipping firms.