The South Western Hotel is where most of the first class passengers stayed before embarking Titanic.

Built as a lavish hotel in 1872, it was constructed next to Southampton Terminus and Southampton Docks.

First class passengers would arrive in the town by train and then go direct into the hotel from the rail platform.

Among the Titanic passengers who stayed here was J Bruce Ismay, the controversial head of the White Star Line.

The building looks directly out over the docks and Titanic would have been an imposing sight for guests in the hotel.

If you look carefully in James Cameron's 1997 film Titanic, you can see South Western Hotel in the background as the characters board the vessel.

Now known as South Western House, the building is no longer a hotel and instead contains a number of apartments.

Meanwhile the platforms at the rear are now a car park - although the canopy remains.

The building was extended in 1927 along Terminus Terrace. It was used as offices following the Second World War and was also the first home of BBC South.