The Grapes is one the nearest pubs to the Eastern Docks in Southampton, and as such was always popular with dock workers and seamen alike.

These days it is decked out with Titanic memorabilia, but the iconic sign at the front is the same as it was in 1912.

It is often said the pub featured in James Cameron's Titanic is The Grapes, although the identity of the pub in which Jack Dawson, played by Leonard Di Caprio, wins his tickets for Titanic is never revealed - and unlike the film, the Grapes doesn't look out over the docks.

However, the pub did play a vital role in saving the lives of three Southampton brothers.

Bertram, Tom and Alfred Slade had been drinking in The Grapes along with John Podesta and William Nutbean.

The five left the pub to return to the vessel, when a train approached via the level crossing. Podesta and Nutbean ran in front of the train whilst the Slade brothers waited for it to pass.

The length of the train meant it too a long time to clear the crossing and by the time the Slade brothers had made it to the dockside, Titanic had already begun her fateful journey.

John Podesta and William Nutbean, both firemen on the vessel, survived the sinking.

Another crew member, Alexander Hooper, also missed the sailing as he was drinking in the pub.

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