Berth 44 was where Titanic sailed away from at the beginning of her fateful voyage.

The exact same bollards that Titanic was moored to remain in place today, and are painted orange to highlight them.

The berth was originally constructed as part of the White Star Dock, which was designed to be home to the new Olympic, Titanic and Britannic ships (it was often rumoured but never confirmed that Britannic was intended to be named Gigantic but renamed as the original name was deemed too close to Titanic).

Opened in 1912, the White Star dock allowed Southampton to play host to the biggest vessels in the world.

Now known as Ocean Dock and a new terminal opened on the site in 2009, alongside berth 46, opposite where Titanic sailed from.

Some of the biggest cruise ships in the world still use the ocean dock, such as Cunarders Queen Victoria and QM2.

The water here is between 11 and 14 metres deep, depending on the tide.

It is not possible for members of the public to visit the berth, as it is still in use today.