Although the house itself is no longer present, 51 College Street played a key role in something that intrigued many Titanic enthusiasts.

In the weeks following the disaster it had been reported in the New York Times that fireman Thomas Hart had turned up alive at his College Street home, three weeks after being presumed dead in the Titanic disaster.

It was reported at the time that he had lost his discharge book and another man had signed on using it, only to drown when Titanic went down.

However, Thomas Hart was actually from Liverpool and was never due to be on Titanic.

The man who lived at College Street was James Hart, who was actually a fireman on Titanic.

When going through the list of crew members, someone had mistaken the initial "J" for "T" on the handwritten muster list, explaining where the confusion came from.

James, 49, was a single man and his body was never recovered from the Atlantic.

Although his home no longer stands - the Holyrood Estate now stands on the site - a small number of terrace houses that would have been a few doors down remain.

These houses are examples of the sorts of homes that covered this entire area - thousands were crammed in to tight streets as families lived in each others' pockets.

The southern end of the street is now a surface car park.

In total, nine residents of the street perished in the sinking.