SeaCity Museum is home to the exhibition about Southampton's Titanic links.

Opening 100 years to the day after the ship left Southampton, for most of the first year it will be free to all Southampton residents to visit.

Inside the £15m museum visitors can steer Titanic along Southampton Water, experience what it was like to shovel coal in the bowels of the liner and learn about many of the unique stories of Sotonians on board the ship.

There are two permanent exhibitions in the museum, one on Titanic and one on Southampton's historical links with the seas and oceans.

Visitors can try and guide Titanic down Southampton Water or experience what it was like to shovel coal on the liner.

The focus however is very much on the people of Southampton in 1912 and how the loss of the ship affected them.

The other permanent exhibition is Gateway to the World and tells the story of how Southampton became the primary port for the Empire and how stories began and ended at the dockside.

During 2012, there is also another, temporary exhibition on the Titanic story, exploring how the ship has entered into legend since its sinking in 1912.

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