WITH their son fighting for his life after a horror car crash which killed his girlfriend, they were told to say their goodbyes.

Suffering from serious brain injuries, Ben Wagon was never expected to wake up and if by some miracle he did, his parents were warned he would probably have significant brain damage.

But as the Wagons struggled to come to terms with such devastating news, as well as the death of Ben’s girlfriend, Justine Emblin-Butler, one person helped them through.

So to thank her for the amazing support and care given to them and their son, they have nominated clinical nurse specialist Miranda Gardner for the Daily Echo’s Hospital Hero award.

In October, Ben, 23, and his girlfriend Justine, 21, were driving back to their home in Yeovil after visiting family in Southampton, when Justine swerved to avoid hitting a badger and lost control.

Tragically, Justine died at the scene on the A36, but Ben, a helicopter engineer for the Navy, was rushed to the Wessex Neurological Intensive Care Unit at Southampton General Hospital.

His parents, Tracey and Richard, were told he was unlikely to survive but after four days, he began to stabilise and over the following weeks gradually woke up from his coma, with Miranda at their side every step of the way.

Tracey said: “She is just the most amazing person who helped us through such a traumatic time, made even harder by the loss of Justine.

“She always told us the facts but in such a lovely way that you trusted her completely and she just has the most wonderful way about her.

“She made us feel we could go home because we knew Ben was in good hands. She would just sit there and hold my hand, she didn’t need to say anything she was just there for all of us and there are not many people in the world that would do what she does.

“I know she won the award last year, but I didn’t know her then and she has been a heroine to us this year.”

Ben has now been moved to Headley Court Military Hospital for his rehabilitation, where his parents had to break the news to him that Justine had been killed in the accident.

Tracey added: “It was horrendous and he is finding it hard to understand because he has post-traumatic amnesia.

“He has made amazing progress but he still has many hurdles to overcome.”

Miranda added: “As Ben started to wake up, it was evident that he retained much of his previous good nature and although initially very confused, always managed a huge smile and genuinely cheerful greeting.

“I feel very honoured to be nominated for this award and wish Ben and his family all the very best.”

Nominations for the Daily Echo Hospital Heroes awards are now closed.