CAMPAIGNERS are celebrating a potential breakthrough in their battle for a cycleway on a busy Hampshire road where two people have died.

Hampshire county councillor David Harrison has revealed that businesses have offered to cut the cost of a cycle route between Totton and Marchwood by providing money, materials and equipment.

Cllr Harrison has had talks with firms and landowners in the area, including the company that operates Marchwood Quarry.

He said: “ Recent reductions in local bus services mean it’s more important than ever that a safe means of cycling or walking can be found.

The biggest barriers have been cost and land ownership problems but I think we might be able to overcome both.

“I know we can expect generous funding from at least one major commercial interest.”

Cyclist Gary Lewis, 22, of Park Close, Marchwood, was killed in an accident with a lorry at Jacobs Gutter Lane in 2009. The collision occurred just yards from the spot where moped rider Stephen Tippetts, 30, of Maritime Avenue, Marchwood, died three months earlier.

Marchwood is surrounded by narrow country roads that are used by an ever-increasing number of HGVS.

Villagers have spent years campaigning for a cycleway but the cost has been put at £300,000.

Cllr Harrison said: “An agent from the firm that operates Marchwood Quarry has confirmed that the company would likely be interested in supplying materials and construction equipment.

“For the project to succeed it will require a lot of different organisations to work together.”