Well I’m still plugging away and about to reach a big milestone. Half way which means I will have done once around the equator. I can’t really comprehend how much has taken to get there but I wont of been able to do it without a lot of support. My powerbreathe comes in very handy especially with the early starts as the 30 breaths routine helps me get warmed.

The nice thing in the run up to Christmas was not having many events to do, this meant I could focus on my cycling. I did run the Southampton leg of the BUCs indoors series which went well. Cycling up to Christmas involved a lot of very long 12-15 hour days. Like wise after Christmas involves a lot of long days as well. I also volunteer running a number of indoor rowing events for schools of which we have five in the run up to July. The focus now for this week lies in getting to the magic half way mark.

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