SOCIAL services were warned of a depraved foster dad’s sexual obsession with young girls long before they allowed him to look after children.

A Hampshire woman has told how she was indecently assaulted as a teenager by the perverted pensioner two years before he raped a five-year-old girl who he was allowed to foster.

She also revealed she was called “a liar” and “stupid” by a social worker when she raised the alarm.

She believes that had Hampshire County Council taken action, Case would not have been free to abuse children for another 15 years.

Case, 68, was jailed for 21 years after he was found guilty at Southampton Crown Court of a catalogue of sickening crimes.

Judge Peter Henry described him as “cunning, devious, manipulative and obsessive”.

The woman, now 32, revealed Case was the manager of a supported housing unit for young vulnerable children in the 1990s where she suffered at his hands.

She was referred to the City Road Project in Winchester, designed to support 16 to 24-year-olds, because her dad had died and her mum left the family home.

One night, she was subjected to a terrifying ordeal when she returned to the house and only Case was at home.

The pensioner sent her to get cider from a shop before urging her to drink with him.

But when she went up to her bedroom and locked the door to go to bed, Case, who had a master key for all the rooms, sneaked in.

With tears filling her eyes, she said: “I remember it as if it was yesterday. I must have only been in bed for five minutes when I heard the key turn in my door. He put his hands under my duvet and touched me.

“I just blind froze. I daren’t move. I didn’t even breathe. I didn’t say a word. I thought maybe if I kept still he would think I was asleep and would go away. He said to me ‘I know you love it’.”

Her ordeal only ended when someone came to the hostel’s main door.

It left his victim so terrified she ran away to stay with her sister. When she returned to the hostel, she pushed her bed against the door before going to sleep.

When she told her social worker she was branded an attention seeker, she claims.

A couple of years later the woman said she approached by the same social worker in Winchester.

She said he asked her to come forward as a witness because an investigation had begun into Case but she refused because she was angry she had not been listened to before.

She said: “It is disgusting that social services knew way back then but brushed it under the carpet. If they’d have believed me then, these children could have been saved. They failed us all.”

A2Dominion, the housing association which runs the project today, said they had no records dating back to the 1990s due to several mergers.

A spokesman for Hampshire County Council said social services chiefs could find no evidence of any complaint being made in 1995 but were happy to support any further investigation into the case.