A Hampshire man has been involved in a dramatic Antarctic rescue.

Lieutenant Stuart Fletcher, from HMS Collingwood in Fareham, was part of a team of five explorers that pulled colleague Rob Tristram from a 70ft crevasse.

The group were on the British Services Antarctic Expedition, organised to mark 100 years since adventurer Captain Robert Scott perished on the icy continent, and were making their final trek of an eight week mission.

Lieutenant Rob Tristram was attached by rope to his teammates when he fell through a snow bridge into a deep crevasse.

He had landed 30 ft down on an ice shelf - preventing him from falling a further 40ft into the huge crack.

Lt Fletcher, 29, has described how his team mate suddenly "disappeared" when the massive hole in the snow opened up underneath him.

The group set up a system of pulleys and winches to rescue Lt Tristram, who had only minor injuries, from the crevasse.