Well, he tried to...

it just wasn't his battle. The Daily Echo's very own News Knight took to the woods at the weekend to take on an army of opponents.

But for all his confidence - and armour - Echo reporter Ash Bolton was to meet his match at the fourth annual Holly Hill Conker Championship Marching through the woods our champion looked a little out of place against the competition of primary schoolchildren, but the Knight was here to fight for our honour.

Defeating two younger opponents the Knight boldly believed he was in with a chance. But, forsooth, his trusty weapon didn't make it into the second round after a severe battering by six-year-old Leah West.

Organiser of the event treasurer of Friends of Holy Hill, Simon Batten said the day was a huge success and very popular.

"It's in its fourth year and people really enjoy it," he said.

"Both children and adults have fun and it's a great way to get people down to Holly Hill."

Simon said that fears over the safety of children playing conkers in recent years had gone to the extreme.

"It's ridiculous for children to be banned from playing it," he said.

"In this day and age I can understand why people would want to be careful but sometimes it goes too far.

"We have wardens supervising each match and instructions on how to play. We also offer safety goggles for anyone who wants them but they are rarely used."

Taking home the silverware for 2006 was 11-year-old conker champion Levi Whale.

As for the Daily Echo News Knight, he left with his pride dented, conker smashed, and vowing to stick to dragons!