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TODAY Dr Roland Simpson, a GP for 18 years, from Brook House Surgery in Southampton helps launch a poster to spread the Keep Kids Sober message.

Dr Simpson has become alarmed at the attitude of some adults to alcohol and children, which has become too relaxed.

Some don't appreciate how more potent drink is for those with smaller bodies, he said.

He advised parents to talk to their children if they were worried about them drinking, to find out whether there was a potential sexual health risk or signs of emotional distress.

Providing there was no serious problem a sensible chat was the best advice, he said.

"To explain how their body and mind is still developing and is more susceptible to the effects of alcohol and to reinforce that alcohol is an addictive substance.

"That the more you get used to it the more you need to feel the effect.'' He warned: "Your tolerance may go up and it's making the liver work really hard to get rid of it.'' He also called on parents to set a good example.

"Young people very often switch off when they perceive something as being too preachy especially if they see their parents drinking alcohol,'' he said.

Like pointing out the dangers of smoking or drugs it is easier if parents are not drinking heavily themselves.

Dr Simpson said: "My message would be that a young person, say under 15, should abstain from or have a very clear boundary within the family when it comes to alcohol.'' He warned of the dangers of a "general acceptance of alcopops and alcoholic fruit drinks as fine.

"That's a danger, particularly if they are fizzy because they are absorbed more quickly, meaning they are more likely to get drunk quicker.'' To find out more about our campaign or download a poster visit Or click here To request a colour poster e-mail: