IT’S a big problem that no one wants to talk about.

Whether it’s because it relates to older women having sex or squeamishness about women’s reproductive systems, feminine dryness is something of a taboo.

But local businesswomen Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks are shouting about it.

And they are also running a company that grew by 25 per cent last year as a result of it.

Their company, Yes, based in the Hampshire countryside, makes lubricant made of natural, organic ingredients.

It started when the friends decided to set up an ethical company.

Sarah had been working for Viagra, researching its side effects.

“These furious Viagra wives were saying ‘you’ve ruined my life. I haven’t had to make love for 20 years and now he wants it every night. Because I can’t do it he’s run off with a woman 30 years younger.’ It was very upsetting and we thought we could do something about it,” she explains.

While they wouldn’t describe their product as ‘female Viagra’, in testimonials women write about turning back the clock, losing sexual hang-ups and going from dreading sex to enjoying it.

They launched in August 2006, having spent three and a half years developing their product.

The women believed in the product so much that they both sold their homes to finance its development.

There are other lubricants available but they wanted to make something different – with no potentially harmful or irritating ingredients, that was pleasant to use and not embarrassing to buy.

They explain that vaginal dryness can be a key factor in the breakdown of relationships.

Whether due to menopause, breast cancer treatment or numerous other causes, it can lead to painful sex which women may therefore avoid. This can have knock-on issues with their partner feeling rejected, a loss of libido and a negative cycle.

Lubricant can help turn this around.

Sarah and Susi emphasise the importance of the fact that Yes products are made from entirely natural ingredients. Others often contain parabens, which some believe are linked to cancer, and glycerine, which can cause irritation – again making sex painful.

Susi says they have struggled to get media attention due, they believe, to people seeing the topic as taboo.

This all points to the fact that taboo or not, feminine dryness is a big issue for a huge number of women – and one with a potentially simple solution.

“We coined the word ‘luberation’. Women write to us to say we’ve liberated them from pain and discomfort,” says Susi.

“Taboos only survive through everyone agreeing on them. Breaking a taboo always involves a scandal.”

But in the case of Yes it seems that it is worth it.

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