MORE than 100 people visited the Carroll Centre in Winchester for the public consultation on new plans to relocate a local library.

The county council wants to shut Stanmore Library and transfer books to the centre and upgrade the facilities.

The library is currently the least-used library in Hampshire, although it does have restricted opening hours.

The public had the chance to see the ideas of Basingstoke-based Design ACB.

The vicar of St Luke’s, Revd Mike Gardner, said: “It will be a huge benefit for the community of Stanmore if the library moves to the Carroll.”

Centre chairman Colin Smith said: “The contribution of the city and county councils is very welcome. The plans are attracting the interest of residents and visitors to Stanmore.”

Family support worker Babette Bond said: “It’s very exciting to have the possibility of more books and the library at the centre. I hope it all happens very soon.”

The proposed has also galvanized discussion on future improvements to the community infrastructure in Stanmore and the day ended with a meeting about greater joint working between the community organisations on the Somers Close site.