A SEX club in a quiet Hampshire village must now close down- because council chiefs said it breaks planning rules.

The swingers club which is based in a £500,000 five-bedroom private house boasting two fetish dungeons, lap dancing poles, an array of sex toys and a communal hot tub lost its case on appeal and must now stop hosting parties.

As reported in the Daily Echo neighbours in the New Forest have complained for years about the venue called JCT2 saying guests parked outside their homes and they even had to direct lost partygoers to the right address.

New Forest District Council issued an enforcement notice against the property's owner David Kay following the complaints.

They claimed he had breached planning rules in the home called Highlands, off Salisbury Road, in Calmore because he did not apply for a change of use of the premises from residential to a mixed use of residential and a club. Authorities ordered the site to be closed down.

But owner Mr Kay appealed claiming the house is simply a home where tenants host parties for like-minded people.

But now after seeing the bondage equipment, suspended cages, grope boxes, mirrors, cameras and speakers, a government planning inspector agreed it was a commercial venture and the house was not being used primarily as “a domestic dwelling.”

Planning inspector Richard Perrins said in his report he had “undisputed” evidence the property could be hired at a fee and guests were being charged entry to events.

He said: “The activities do not go hand-in-hand with the appellants assertions that the premises are only used for parties involving friends.

“It is apparent the club is well advertised, well used and has all the characteristics of a business- any reasonable person viewing the website would be left in no doubt payment is required to gain access to the club and being invited by a 'friend' is not a general requirement.”

He said he gave little weight to the claim the property was used as a dwelling house 82 per cent of the time because there was a “distinct lack of domestic paraphernalia.”

He also said the majority of cupboards in the house were locked during his visit, or lockable.

“There is nothing before me to indicate that the premises is used when no parties are being held.”

He added the increase in traffic and parking “conflicted” with the rural location, where it would be reasonable to expect peace and tranquillity.

He said: “I find that activities at the premises would unacceptably harm the living conditions of occupiers of nearby residential properties particularly in the early hours of the morning.”

The site will now have to stop being used as a swingers club and Mr Kay must remove all items and equipment used in relation to the business within three months.

The Daily Echo reported how the club has run for at least eight years and boasts a programme of specialist nights ranging from fetish events to swingers' nights and parties for “Big Beautiful Women”.

Guests are asked to contribute up to £35 towards the evenings where “every fantasy can come true”.

In between regular events for couples and singles, the £500,000 “five-playroom” property can be rented out on a “first come first served basis” according to its website.

The JCT2 website featured newsletters to members, special day long events, a list of “contribution” prices and swinging etiquette guides are published.