AN open verdict has been recorded after a mum was found dead following an overdose of the medication she took for her mental illness.

Southampton Coroner Keith Wiseman said the levels of the drug she took for her bi-polar disorder were very high but at the same time he could not be sure that she had taken it deliberately to end her own life.

This came after he heard evidence from pathologist Dr Norman Carr, who carried out the post-mortem examination, and found that the 32- year–old had also been suffering from pneumonia and it was possible that a fever could have affected her judgement on how much of her medication she had taken.

The inquest heard how Simone Allain, 32, of Totland Close, Southampton, was struggling with debt and was being threatened with eviction.

But there was no note and her psychiatrist and family said she had not told them of any desire to take her own life, plus there was no history of attempts.

Recording his verdict, Mr Wiseman said that he could not be sure she had wanted to deliberately take her own life, especially as she had a young child she cared for.

But he said: “In the same way I can’t be sure she did take her own life I can’t be sure it was an accident either because the readings were very high.

“Recording an open verdict means that the evidence was not clear to what happened on this occasion.”