Two games and two losses. It may not sound great' but then this is the Premier League .

But next up is Manchester United. What better way to get back on the saddle.

I'll never forget the United fans in counting down to our relegation in 2005. That will always leave a sour taste but sadly I fear we will never have the chance to do it back to them.

But we do have the next best thing - the chance to humiliate them as we've done so many times before.

Everytime Fergie's boys come to town is always a great excuse to visit the fantastic memories of years gone by of watching United fans weep at The Dell .

We all know the story of the grey shirts, but what surprises me is that many people outside of Southampton assume that it is 6-3 win from 1996.

Three nil up at  half time absolutely humiliating United - what other clubs would give to have a memory like that a(part from Spurs, who did have that memory and then conceded five goals).

Our the best goal in that game had to be Le Tissier's cheeky juggle after it was parried by Schmeichel. Le God then side footed into the side corner for Saints' third.

Matty has since said that it was after 15 minutes into the second half before he finally realised that United had changed their shirts.

Fast forward to October of the same year and we come to 6-3 game. It's not just Saints fans who have that as one of the top games of all time.

Looking back it really had a it all - Roy Keane getting sent off, (again) a hat-trick from Ostenstadt (and it was a hat-trick), a superb goal from Le Tiss and of course Fergie being humiliated.

It's no wonder it's usually considered one of the best games since football was invented back in 1992.

The following season we beat them again, this time Kevin Davies scoring in 1-0 win at The Dell.

I was a paper boy the time and I still remember the morning papers the next day. The headline on the Daily Mirror was 'How in hell can I win at the Dell" with a picture of a forlorn looking Fergie. Lovely stuff.

Since then, wins against Man Utd have been rather few and far between. However let's not forget James Beattie rising at the far post with just a few minutes remaining to head home a corner in front of the Chapel at St Mary's.

That was when the Saints were at the best I had ever seen them. We had just been in the cup final' were unbeaten at home we were playing in European  competition. It's been a long way down but now we're back in the top flight, we have the chance to try and carry on what we were doing to United in the '90s.

All of this is without even beginning to mention 1976 and Bobby Stokes' clearly on-side goal which gave us the cup.

I have a lot of family who live in Manchester and support United-you'd be surprised how upset they still are about that.

Of course there are other smaller moments from years gone by from games against United. Le Tissier's really soft goal which creeped underneath Taibi, Pahars nutmegging Jaap Stam to score, the chant of 'Fergie's getting worried' after Richard Chaplow gave League One Saints a one nil lead in the FA Cup a few years ago, forcing the United boss to throw on the big guns.

So come what may against United at St Mary's, isn't it a great feeling to know we can try and do this all again?