BUSINESSES are hoping that the forthcoming PSP Southampton Boat Show will bring in floods of cash.

While organisers of the show predict an extra £12 million will be generated by its presence, the chief executive of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, Jimmy Chestnutt, expects many pockets to be lined because of it.

Mr Chestnutt said: “There’s a direct and positive impact in the immediate area to the Boat Show . Most of the hotels and restaurants see this as a bumper month.

“Most of their profit comes from these three weeks the week before, during and after the show.”

He added that not only is it those involved in the boat building industry who add to the city’s revenue but also those who come to visit Southampton .

“It’s those people running, building the pontoons and people exhibiting here, it has enormous impact in terms of transport, hotels, restaurants, businesses,” he said.

“Those who are here for three weeks staying in the hotels, they tend to have a wider impact.

“The visitors may stay and have a look around but they tend to wine and dine and then go home.”

For Mr Chestnutt the boat show’s presence shows how important the boat building industry is to the area.

The chamber was one of the founding members of the show when it was first set up in the early 1960s.

“We wanted something to rival London’s show and to provide something that was affordable for business in the area. It was very much a local effort,” he said.

“The boat show has always been the highlight on the Southampton Chamber calendar. It is one of the best events of the year, we think.”

The Chamber of Commerce is holding the boat show lunch at the De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel.

Gold medallist Dani King will be attending while guest speaker is Don Wales, grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell and the nephew of Donald Campbell, who has broken various land and water speed records.

The PSP Southampton Boat Show runs from Friday, September 14, to Monday September 23 at Mayflower Park/Town Quay , Southampton.