LYNDHURST Workmens Club B are just wonderful, according to Gary Cool.

The hard-working snooker team skipper doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone.

“They are such brilliant lads,” insists Cool.

“Tyronne (Murphy) is such a lovely lad. Simon (Weymouth) is such a lovely guy. Matt (Windsor) is such a nice lad. Stuart (Holley) knows his way around a table. You can’t wish for a better bunch of lads.

“We get on well with every club.”

And Cool even has a good word for the webmaster.

“Tony Aldridge is such a nice guy,” he added.

Channel Islander Holley, who turned out for Jersey Mechanics Institute and Beeches Old Boys Association, said: “The good thing is they don’t take it too seriously. The driving force is still very much social rather than destroying an opponent.

“It’s a gentleman’s game; it’s a form of relaxation. Yes, everybody wants to win and get one up on whoever you’re playing. But that isn’t the reason that you play.”

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