"I did my 8th Race for Life today and I raised £405 for Cancer Research on behalf of all Sarcoma patients. I have this rare cancer (actually a sub-type called leiomyosarcoma, with only 100 cases a year in UK).

Sarcomas account for only 1% of cancer diagnoses per year in UK and under the heading of sarcoma there are about 50 sub-types.

I just wanted to make the point how important it is that we support Cancer Research. Breast cancer and the other more common cancers get media coverage, celebrity support, they get much more funding too, but there are also many, many rare cancers that don't, because there are not enough sufferers to make a public impact.

The patient base of some sarcomas is too small even for clinical study papers.

There is an organisation online for more information: www.sarcomauk.org "

Shirley Collings, age 53, living in Fareham Diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma October 2003