A KNIFE-wielding woman who unleashed a “prolonged and vicious” attack on police officers after the break-up of a toxic relationship has been jailed.

Charlotte Cooper even stabbed at the window of an unmarked police car after she was found drunk and carrying eight inch kitchen knife while standing in the road.

The 20-year-old followed this up with continuous attacks against officers over the next few hours – even while she was receiving hospital treatment.

Southampton Crown Court heard how Cooper was spotted by a police inspector on Brockishill Road, Bartley, in the early hours of August 23.

But when the officer approached Cooper, she attacked the car, stabbing repeatedly at the driver's side window.

She was later arrested and taken to hospital for treatment for self-inflicted cuts.

But while detained, Cooper repeatedly kicked-out and, on one occasion, attempted to spit at an officer.

Defending, Oliver O’Connor said that Cooper's frenzy had been fuelled by alcohol and the recent break-up of a “toxic relationship”.

But Judge Nicholas Rowland had little sympathy for Cooper, who had been given a suspended prison sentence - again for assaulting an officer - just five days before the incident.

Judge Rowland said: “This was a prolonged and vicious attack.

“You are age 20 and have a terrible record of offences, particularly those ones you commit against the police.

“It is up to you to ensure that you do not behave in this terrible way to police officers doing their duty.”

Judge Rowland encouraged Cooper to make the most of the help she would receive in prison.

For the five counts of assault against a police officer, Cooper was given a four month custodial sentence.

She was given a one month concurrent sentence for the three criminal damage charges.

But Judge Rowland imposed a six month consecutive sentence for her possession of a knife.

He then activated four months of her previous suspended sentence, meaning a total sentence of 14 months.