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IT'S the world's only car police car the public can colour in and this weekend it will be going to its first football match.

The Hampshire police Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers' car will be stationed at St Mary's in a bid to get fans involved in a nationwide campaign to combat homophobia in sport.

LGBT rights group Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign starts on November 24 and asks national teams, leading clubs, top athletes, fans and grassroots players across various sports to show their support for LGBT people in sport by jazzing up their all important footwear.

Now Hampshire police - who were the first force in the country to set up a lesbian and gay liaison group - have been invited to the Saints ground with their innovative vehicle.

Designed by artist Kev Munday, who has been called one of the world's "most investable" artists, drawings on the car represent the iconic sights of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight - and have been designed especially for the public to colour in in the colours of the Pride rainbow flag.

Co-Chair of the LAGLOs group Inspector Scott Johnson said although the car is used as part of the force's everyday fleet going out on jobs with the other Ford Cougars, it's also stationed at key community events like Southampton Pride with its now iconic vinyl wrap design. He said: "It's about visibility and representing what we do. I always joke that it's just this car and it's just today that it can be coloured in but we always get some lovely stories. A couple in their 70s told me at Southampton Pride that their son transitioned last year and how great it is to see the police supporting the community".

The LAGLOs car will be at St Mary's near the ticket office on Sunday from 11am - although Insp. Johnson added it won't be used for policing on that day - just for community engagement.

Members of the Southampton Pride committee will also be there.