A SOUTHAMPTON woman threatened to attack her friend with a samurai sword after a heated argument over money, a court heard.

Jordan Vine hurled threats at Darren Wilding following a row at his address on Bitterne Road West.

After the argument Vine, 27, went to her father’s flat, in the same building, and grabbed a knife.

She then stabbed Mr Wilding’s door and threatened to attack him with what she claimed at the time was a samurai sword, Southampton Crown Court was told.

Prosecuting, barrister Edward Phillips said: “The two were in a somewhat tempestuous relationship and were having an argument concerning money.

“The argument became heated, and the victim was afraid that Miss Vine was getting out of control.”

Reading Mr Wilding’s victim impact statement, he said: “She was shouting and she was heard to say ‘I’ve got a samurai sword and I’m going to stab you with it’.

“The door was being struck quite forcibly. Then she said ‘I will be waiting and I’m going to attack you’.

“She came down three times and each time she would stab the door.”

Vine pleaded guilty to both possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage, committed on August 26. But she said the blade was a kitchen knife, and not a samurai sword as she was heard saying.

Defending, Joanne Chester told the court Vine was ‘adamant’ the two were not in a relationship. She said: “This is a woman who has a significant number of issues and is considerably vulnerable. Last week she said she was going to kill herself by jumping off her mum’s balcony.”

Sentencing Vine to a nine-month suspended sentence, Judge Gary Burrell QC said: “You have a supportive family. You need to take advantage of that.”