THIS is an appeal to the parents or neighbours of the nuisance lads that career around areas of Southampton on their scramble bikes.

Quite apart from waking people at night, things seem to have become more sinister. Young people are surrounded by groups of these bikers demanding they hand over their bicycles or mobile phones, etc, terrorising young children so much they are too scared to play outside or even sleep!

They ride along pavements with no care for the elderly or mums with pushchairs (this happened to me).

Threatening behaviour by revving up their machines, faces covered, staring out their victims – why? Mindless yobs with no brain between them!

I was told that a 12-year old (!?) on his scrambler was seen to refuel by reaching into his jacket, pulling out a plastic container, filling the tank and putting container back under his coat and riding off! As I say, no brains!

Who are the parents that allow their children to own these bikes? They must know what they're up to.

Are they soft or scared of their own kids? Neighbours of these idiots must know, too. Come on, people, let's stop this before someone is killed or maimed – it could be your parent or child who can't get out of the way quick enough.

Let the police know where these hooligans live or, if you're the parent, be strong and take the bike away. For goodness sake, take a stand, it's your responsibility. Make this a better place for all.

Jane Wyatt