A MAN who launched a foul-mouth racist rant at a police officer has been jailed.

Lee Bedwell harassed Abi Biddulph after he was arrested on January 13 following a dispute with his parents at his home.

The language he used was deemed “racially aggravated” by Southampton Crown Court and activated a suspended sentence order he was given for causing actual bodily harm last year.

Then, the 46-year-old was convicted for beating around the head a fellow resident with the tubing from a hoover.

Lucy Conroy, prosecuting, said: “Bedwell had been detained for a completely unrelated matter and was in his cell with his arresting officer.

“At this point he was told hhe asked to see a doctor but said the last time he had a doctor of Muslim descent, and when he criticised the doctor for his race he was jailed.

“He was reprimanded twice by officer Abi Biddulph but continued. His language also upset a cellmate who was Muslim.”

In a statement to the court from Ms Biddulph said Bedwell’s actions were “disgusting” and that she felt they were being directed at her.

The court heard that Bedwell’s offending took place just four months after he was given a 16-month suspended sentence for an assault in November which took place at his home in Derby Road, Southampton. Bedwell believed someone else living in the accommodation had complained about his behaviour to a member of staff.

Miss Conroy added: “Bedwell grabbed a hollow metal pole from a vacuum and started hitting the man around two or three times in the head.

“He then dropped that and found another small pole and continued to attack the victim a further five times, which caused the man to start pleading.”

As a result of the attack, the victim needed stitches.

Mitigating, Gemma White, said plasterer Bedwell had a “complicated background” and that he sometimes had a difficult relationship with his parents that he lives with.

In sentencing Recorder Jane Rowley said Bedwell was“clearly a racist”.

Bedwell, of Coxford Drive, Southampton, was jailed for 14 months.