POLICE have launched a hunt for more nuisance riders as they continue their crackdown to rid them from the city’s streets.

These images were captured by a couple who were walking their dog through Lordswood just after 1pm last Sunday.

The riders were seen handling dirt bikes recklessly and illegally through the woods.

At one point, they stopped and threw stones at the couple, a man and woman in their 50s.

No one was injured by the incident but the couple were left shaken.

They decided to leave the woods, concerned about the safety of their dog.

The riders then followed the couple out of the woods to their vehicle.

PC Simon Peacock, heading up Operation Torque, an initiative to reduce motorcycle nuisance and prosecute riders, wants to know who these people are.

He said: “Two members of the public were using Lords Wood for recreational activities, as many other people do on a daily basis, and they were subjected to intimidation by people who were using the grounds illegally.

“The riders have thrown stones at the couple and driven aggressively around them.

“At one point one of the riders attempted to ride at their dog.

“This incident has left them feeling very scared and intimidated in an area they enjoy walking.

“Lordswood is not designed or meant as a race track for motor vehicles. Lots of people, including families with children, use the woodland paths.

“Anyone who recognise the motorbikes or clothing in the pictures and can put a name to these offenders please get in contact.

“If you know where these bikes are being kept, I would like to know.”

It comes after Hampshire Constabulary revealed it had brought action against a number of riders who have been making a nuisance of themselves by driving erratically and dangerously in areas such as Millbrook, Lordshill and Redbridge.

If you have any other information about illegal and nuisance motorcycles Hampshire Constabulary is advising people to call 101 quoting the number or email operation.torque@hampshire.pnn.police.uk.