LOVERS who dealt drugs from their Southampton flat have been jailed.

Mohammed Hayir and former partner Angela Hunt’s Millbrook home was searched by officers in a late night raid which found and more than £9,000 worth of drugs and £2,000 cash found.

As well as this, more than £2,000 in cash was also retrieved.

In a separate incident, Hayir, 37, slashed two fellowneighbours with a broken wine glass after a dispute over £10.

Southampton Crown Court heard that officers went into the couple’s home where they found three men asleep on the floor – thought to be from a Manchester network of drug network dealers who supplied substances to the couple to be distributed across Southampton.

Prosecutor Christopher Stoppa said initially 52 wraps of cocaine and 53 wraps of heroin were found in the lounge before a green box in the bedroom was found containingInside, officers located heroin and crack cocaine with a street value of £9,375 and a balance sheet containing lists of deals and calculations on it.

Mr Stoppa said that although Hayir and Hunt, 44, were not the ringleaders in the operation,, they were “birds in the nest” as their flat was used as a safe house from which the drugs could be moved on from.

The court also heard that four days before Christmas, an intoxicated Hayir twice knocked on the door of his neighbours demanding £10 that was owed to Hunt.

Mr Stoppa said: “There was an argument between Hayir and the two neighbours and the defendant started attacking them with what looked like a broken wine glass.

“One of the victims was cut in three places, receiving one and a half inch cut to his head and grazes to his arm and head.”

The court was told that Hayir had previously been jailed for robbery and attempted robbery, with Judge Peter Henry QC calling him a “violent” man.

However, the court heard that Hayir had struggled with drug addiction for the majority of his life and Hunt “was only doing what she was told” during the drug deals.

In sentencing, Judge Peter Henry said: “Drug dealing is a serious offence… and you will be all too aware of the misery and dangers it causes to those who receive the drugs and that are addicted on the streets.

“You will be aware of the consequences of what you were doing.“It must be understand that those who come to this city and use others are further up the chain than you two.

“But if people did not provide those people with the safe houses they need to be able to get the drugs out in the city, they would not be able to.”

Both Hayir and Hunt, of Irving Road, Southampton, pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing drugs with intent to supply.

Hayir also pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm.

Hayir was sentenced to 42 months’ imprisonment, while Hunt received a 21-month sentence.