A MAN threatened to kill family members outside a Southampton cafe after a drinking session.

Luis Fernandes was involved in an argument with Mad Cafe and Deli owner Henrique Vieira and his cousin over the menu.

He assaulted his cousin before running home, collecting a knife and returning back to the Shirley Road premises and making threats to kill.

He also struck his sister with the kitchen knife.

Southampton Crown Court heard Fernandes had been drinking at the Portuguese bar before the argument hours later.

Prosecutor Richard Griffiths said Fernandes questioned Mr Viera’s menu and when the owner refused to serve him any more alcohol, Fernandes became threatening and then turned on his cousin.

Mr Griffiths said: “He took his cousin outside and pushed him up against the wall with both hands, causing him bruising.

“He then scratched at his cousin’s neck under his ear.

“His cousin told the defendant that he was bringing shame on to the family, at which point Fernandes ran away shouting that he would kill him.”

The court heard that Fernandes returned back to the premises “three to four” minutes later and he was joined by members of his family who were trying to calm him down.

The defendant was shouting ‘I’m crazy I will kill anyone who messes with me’.”

Fernandes, 30, of Stafford Road, Freemantle, admitted both charges. He was sentenced to nine-months jail.